A Landmark of Elite Living

Delta Group was founded by Group of entrepreneurs & has a history of over decades attached to it. We ventured into the real estate business with small sized residential development in the western suburban area.

Over the past eventful years as Builders & developers, Delta Group have completed under their group companies many projects in western suburban region. It would be safe to say, Delta Group is going steady & strong. We deliver our promises and in turn deliver smiles to the faces of our valuable clients by timely completion of projects.

Today the Delta Group has emerged as one of the most preferred developers with bigger and more challenging projects being added each year. Today, the Group provides- elite mixed residential complexes- shopping arenas across prime locations at the western suburban Delta Group strives to be committed and transparent towards the clients so to march with confidence for future.

Delta Vrindavan - Logo
Enhancing Our Living Spaces

Enhancing our living spaces involves creating a nurturing environment that reflects our style, using carefully selected furniture, colors, and lighting. Incorporating nature and smart home technology adds freshness and convenience. It's an ongoing process that harmonizes elements to elevate our quality of life.

Delivered Projects

We strive to provide the best-in-class projects to the consumers who have put their faith and trust in us. Our delivered projects are a symbol of what we give back.

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Delta Vrindavan
Mira Road - East
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Delta Garden
Mira Road - East
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Delta Woods
Mira Road - East
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Experience the Future of Living Today

Futuristic Homes and Smart Environments

Experience the future of living today with futuristic homes and smart environments. Discover innovative technologies and designs that enhance comfort, convenience, and sustainability. Embrace tomorrow's lifestyle now and unlock its full potential.

Upcoming Projects
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Delta Greenville

Coming Soon - 2024

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Delta Meadows

Coming Soon - 2024

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Delta Hillcrest

Coming Soon - 2024

Quality and Comfort

Every corner of a home has a story to tell. Every space at DELTA WOODS takes you into a different perspective of mind. The balconies give the panoramic view of Sanjay Gandhi National Park that soothes you after a chaotic day. It gives you the feeling of getting on top of chaos while you experience peace within.

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